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يقول أدهم الشرقاوي في مطلع هذا الكتاب رسائل من القرآن:

هذا الكتاب نداء عبدٍ ضعيف القلب، ضعيف الصوت، ناداه حُباً لكَ، ورغبةً فيكَ، فأكرمه بالبلاغ!

?Is Life As We Know It

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This book asks an essential question: is life as we know it?   Sit back and marvel at the beauty of these messages and how they whisper the secrets of the universe.   No matter where you are at present, high in happiness, nothing much happening, or beneath a boulder of stress, sadness, or pain, these messages will make you contemplate and re-examine your beliefs. This book offers a fresh perspective on life and our existence.   Topics in this book range from questions that will leave you introspecting to questions that will make you re-evaluate everything you thought you knew. Is life really as we know it?   More English books  

ٍ”Shai Gourmet “The Catastrophe of Living

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This journey to healthy life style was not just about creating recipes on the go. Each single recipe is studied in the process of making to ensure that the final result is providing you with high level of protein and maximum nutrition while maintaining a low carb ratio.

I personally used to think of healthy food as bad tasting food and I wouldn't blame you if you had that fear towards it too. However, consider this, the creator of these recipes comes from a diverse background. In other words, I am the result of the east meeting the west and therefore I do have a unique taste for spices and food. I always say: one third of your salary is spent on food, so chose what you eat wisely. In the process of making this book I considered ingredients that are common and easy to find in your local grocery store. So, how you want to live your life is your choice and if you decide to couple these recipes with your workout routine and goals, you would simply maintain your weight, lose it, gain muscle or get fit while enjoying awesome tasty food

“تاكوتسيبو “خيال المآتة

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عاش فقيراً .. لكن قوياً عزيزاً

عاش محروماً من كل شيء .. إلّا كرامته

لم يكن يرى نفسه فوق أحد .. ولم يسمح لأحد أبداً أن يرى نفسه عليه

قالوا بأنّه لا يصلُح للحب .. إلا أنّه أحب مثلما يحب الرجال الحقيقيون

باختصار ... كان ما حوله يدعوه إلى أن يفقد الأمل في كل شيء .. ولكن لم يفقد أبداً إيمانه بنفسه

(Used copy-Good condition) 100 GREAT BUSINESSES

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100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behind Them is a diverse and inspiring collections of great business stories. Covering a variety of success paths, brilliant strategies and engaging entrepreneurs, each profile explores the genius behind the greatest business minds:

  • A mother's inspiration that launched Baby Einstein
  • Aveda's journey from hippie to hip
  • How Guinness overcame a centuries-old problem to conquer new markets
  • TiVo's long fight to explain the genius of their product
  • How Oprah went from person to empire
  • And many more

An engrossing look at what makes entrepreneurs and business geniuses tick, this book highlights the pivotal moments in the lives of great businesses, with lasting lesson on the art of making your business a success.

(Who Am I?: Mirror & Me (Baby Einstein Mirror & Me Children’s

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(Who Am I?: Mirror & Me (Baby Einstein Mirror & Me Children’s  

# 44 أنت تستطيع

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هل حدث و جلست مفكرا فيما " أصبحت عليه " ؟ أعتقد أن هناك طريقة بناءة أكثر في التفكير و هي أن تفكر "ما الذي لم أصبح عليه بعد" ؟

# 44 حب الحياة

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كلا .. لن تكون متأكدا أبدا أنك تختار الشيء الصحيح، لا أحد في الواقع يعرف ما هو الشئ الصحيح، لكن يمكنك أن تسمح لنفسك أن تستكشف أشياء، مختلفة و تتوقف عن اعتبار الأمر كشئ سيء .

# 44 مذهل

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غني عن البيان القول أنه إذا لم يكن لديكما طريقة سليمة في التعبير عن أفكاركما ومشاعركما لبعضكما بعضا ، وطريقة للتحدث ولأن يستمع كل منكما للأخر ، عندها سينهار كل شيء في نهاية المطاف!

10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World

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SHORTLISTED FOR THE BOOKER PRIZE 2019 'Expect vibrant, vivid and eye-opening descriptions of Middle Eastern life propelled by a tender storyline, all in Shafak's haunting, beautiful and considered prose' Vanity Fair 'Incredibly sensuous and poetic and evocative' Pandora Sykes, The High Low 'Richly uplifting... truly beautiful writing' Nicola Sturgeon 'In the first minute following her death, Tequila Leila's consciousness began to ebb, slowly and steadily, like a tide receding from the shore...' For Leila, each minute after her death recalls a sensuous memory: spiced goat stew, sacrificed by her father to celebrate the birth of a yearned-for son; bubbling vats of lemon and sugar to wax women's legs while men are at prayer; the cardamom coffee she shares with a handsome student in the brothel where she works. Each fading memory brings back the friends she made in her bittersweet life - friends who are now desperately trying to find her . . . 'Simply magnificent, a truly captivating work of immense power and beauty, on the essence of life and its end' Philippe Sands 'A vivid carnival of life and death, cruelty and kindness, love, politics and deep humanity. Brilliant!' Helena Kennedy 'Elif Shafak brings into the written realm what so many others want to leave outside. Spend more than ten minutes and 38 seconds in this world of the estranged. Shafak makes a new home for us in words' Colum McCann 'Elif Shafak's extraordinary 10 Minutes, 38 Seconds in this Strange World is a work of brutal beauty and consummate tenderness' Simon Schama 'A rich, sensual novel... This is a novel that gives voice to the invisible, the untouchable, the abused and the damaged, weaving their painful songs into a thing of beauty.' Financial Times 'One of the best writers in the world today' Hanif Kureishi 'Haunting, moving, beautifully written - and based by an extraordinary cast of characters who capture the diversity of modern Turkey. A masterpiece' Peter Frankopan 'Extraordinary' Guardian 'Life-affirming' Stylist

10.585 يوماَ

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هو كتيب لأنه جدا صغير جدا ولا يتكلم عن فكرة واحدة، وهو أقرب للجبرانيات لكن بشكل مختصر، السؤال هل يستحق القراءة؟ نعم يستحق القراءة وهو رائع جدا! وواضح تعلق الكاتب فيه بالأبواب والديار، حيث كل فقرة منه تستحق الوقوف عندها والتفكير فيها.